Real 'locals' hot spots in Maui

  1. Casanova Restaurant
    1188 Makawao Avenue
    Makawao, HI 96768
    (808) 572-0220

    About the restaurant:
    1986 four Italian friends, just arrived from the Mainland, opened Casanova Deli in Makawao. It was an instant success. In Upcountry Maui times were ripe for cappuccino and latte, freshly baked croissants and Gourmet pastas, hot Panini over Focaccia and fresh homemade mozzarella cheese. In 1989 the large cowboy joint known as Partners, occupying the larger part of the building, folded its door and the neighbor Gourmet Deli expanded its arms. Casanova Italian Restaurant and Deli was born. An eclectic mix of family restaurant, real contemporary Italian cuisine and top of the line entertainment center, it took Maui by surprise. Since then, Casanova keeps getting top recognition every time a survey is held between Maui residents: Best Italian Restaurant, Best Pizza, Best Dinner Value, Best kid friendly Restaurant, Best Dance floor, Best Ladies night, Best Late night, Best single scene in Maui are the awards that show off on Casanova's walls. They are just next to the posters of the most renown artists who performed here: Los Lobos, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Kool & the Gang, Ritchie Havens, Sam Kinison, Taj Mahal are some of the names on Casanova's loaded history book.

    History is exactly what runs under this old tin roof now known as the Casanova building. Built just before World War II, it became an USO for the American marines stationed nearby when resting in between the battles of the South Pacific. In 1995 a reunion of the surviving veterans brought to Casanova hundreds of white haired World War II soldiers. They met again with the Maui girls they used to dance with during their R&R days in the 40's.

    Then, after the war, Club Rodeo was born and till 1981 prime rib and swing dancing were the attraction.

    During the 80's Makawao, and the entire island, went thru its transition from an agricultural and cowboys community to the modern exciting crossroad of culture and natural beauty that is Maui now. Casanova captures the spirit of this transition and reflects the exciting variety and the unparalleled quality of the services and experiences that you enjoy when you are lucky enough to be in Maui. For a week or for a twenty years stay…like the Italian owners that founded this gem in 1986 and still personally run it as if it is their very first day in business.

    Casanova is at the heart of the Upcountry's community lifestyle. Sometime Upcountry people wonder how would their life be without Casanova and ...they wake up from the nightmare. Be it a quick pizza after a basketball match at Eddie Tam, or the first good coffee in the morning on the way to work. Be it an engagement date at the romantic table by the garden or a rehearsal dinner with guests from the Mainland before the big yes day. Or make it your first glass of champagne when you turn 21 and you finally can dance and flirt at Ladies' night. Or your oh gosh there is nothing in the refrigerator let's call for a pizza to go panic moment. Casanova simply is one of the great reasons to live on the slopes of Haleakala Crater. A tasty, classy, fun, romantic, passionate reason. In fact, passion lives here. Enjoy. Buon Appetito

  2. Colleen's at the Cannery
    (808) 575-9211 Cannery Marketplace
    810 Haiku Rd.
    Haiku, HI 96708

    About the restaurant:
    At Colleen's, we are proud to offer top notch culinary talent, fresh ideas, and showcase local organic ingredients in our contemporary dishes with classic style.

  3. Lu'au at Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
    3700 Wailea Alanui Wailea
    Maui, Hawaii 96753 USA
    Phone: 1-808-879-1922

    About the resort:
    Discover the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, where you will be wisked away by the spectacular beauty of our oceanfront Maui resort. An ideal location among resorts on Maui, our Wailea resort is located between two beautiful beaches with pristine white sands.

Perfect Moments in the Islands of Hawai'i
You know them when you see them, when you feel them, and especially, when you play a starring role in them - those instants in time when something or someone stops you dead in your tracks and you're overcome with a sense of wonder and blessed with the joy of discovery. We call them, perfect moments, though they tend to last a lifetime, and it probably won't surprise you to learn that you'll experience more of them in the Islands of Hawai'i than anywhere else on earth.

A perfect moment in Hawai'i can be standing on a charter boat off Hawai'i's Big Island, feeling the warm glow of a volcano as it pours new life into the sea; unearthing the secrets of the magical Nâpali Coast from a helicopter above the Island of Kaua'i; watching humpback whales frolic in the warm, tropical waters off the coast of Maui; swimming with dolphins in the clear waters of Lâna'i's Mânele Bay; riding a mule down the world's highest sea cliffs on the Island of Moloka'i; or riding gentle surf within sight of Waikîkî's towering sand castles on the Island of O'ahu.

Moment to moment, a Hawai'i vacation promises to release you from the ordinary and reintroduce you to the basic necessities of renewal: fresh air, warm sunshine, crystal water, good food, smiling faces, all the treasures of the earth in abundance, and the time to enjoy them all. For more information, please visit

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