Lululemon founder blames women's bodies for see-though pants

They caused an uproar several months ago. Customers were complaining that Lululemon's yoga pants were too sheer. Now there's apparently a problem with pilling.

Addressing the ongoing problems with the pants, company chairman Chip Wilson on Thursday seemed to blame it on the size of the women wearing them.

"Quite frankly some women's bodies just actually don't work for [for the yoga pants]," he said in an interview on Bloomberg TV's "Street Smart" program. "It's, you k now, really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there."

Yoga pants from luxury athletic wear retailer sell for about $100. Earlier this year, Lululemon pulled nearly 17 percent of the pants made with its Luon fabric and offered customers refunds and exchanges after customers complained the pants were see-through.

In the past, Wilson has said the pants can become see-through when women buy sizes that are too small.

Now Wilson may be the one feeling the pressure.

Outside the Lululemon at Santana Row, one customer called it shallow marketing.

"I think that that they should design the pants for all women because that's the way marketing should be, that's the way they should market their clothes to all women, not just women who are fit or slim," Lululemon customer Katie Coleman said.

Another shopper isn't buying the explanation.

"It has to be the pants, it can't be the user," Lululemon customer Nancy Jones said. "It's the quality of their fabric and how they wear."

The chairman's comments have women across the country complaining. Some are taking to the Internet to voice their frustration

In fact, many of our viewers have commented on our Facebook page.

As for Lululemon's response to Wilson's comments, ABC reached out but did not receive a response.

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