Meteorologist explains what's causing recent spectacular Bay Area sunsets and sunrises

"Winter is the best season for sunrises and sunsets," said meteorologist Drew Tuma. But why?
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- All week, the Bay Area has just been showing off. The sunrises and sunsets have been something to behold.

So, what's causing these spectacular displays and fiery glows? We asked ABC7 News meteorologist Drew Tuma to break down the science.

"Winter is the best season for sunrises and sunsets because for a couple reasons. We have drier air this time of the year which allows your eyes to see those vibrant colors. The yellows, the oranges and the reds out there."

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Tuma says we also get those beautiful high cirrus clouds that bounce off the gorgeous colors in the morning and in the evening.

But why do we get these amazing displays in the winter instead of the summer?

"In the summertime, you have more particles in the atmosphere so you don't see as much colors," he said.

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