Best sunrise alarm clock to manage your sleep schedule this winter

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Wednesday, January 3, 2024
sunrise alarm clocks

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With the days getting shorter and the sun rising later than ever, your sleep schedule might be a little bit off. Maybe you're waking up in the pitch dark every morning and finding it hard to get your bearings. That's where a sunrise alarm clock comes in, making it easier to wake up to soothing light while it's still dark outside. These alarm clocks gradually increase in brightness, mimicking an actual sunrise to ease your mind into a new day gently. Many can also be used as a regular bedside lamp or a nightlight. We've rounded up the five best sunrise alarm clocks below, including options that should suit every price point.

Features we looked for in sunrise alarm clocks:

Customization: Every sunrise alarm clock we recommend has multiple customization features, including brightness settings, the color of the light and the sound of the alarm.

Accessibility: Most options can be customized directly by physical button controls and alarm clocks, some work with companion apps where you can set soundscapes, adjust light settings and more.

Reviews: Each pick has at least a 4.3-star rating on Amazon from over 400 reviewers.

Best overall


Hatch Restore 2

  • $199.99

    The Hatch Restore 2 has a minimalistic design and doubles as a bedside lamp when not in use. It's designed to wake you up gently following your circadian sleep rhythm. You can personalize your bedtime and wake-up time, as well as use this device as a sound machine, playing white noise or nature sounds to Iull you to sleep. This gadget has a dimmable clock too, to engulf your room in complete darkness - just tap its build if you need to check the time. While you can operate this clock with its physical controls, you can also download the companion app to further customize your routines or download more sleep content.

    Best value

    13% off

    winshine Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

    • $36.99
    • $42.99

      This option from Winshine wakes you up gradually over 30 minutes and can also be customized to dim to darkness before you fall asleep. Wake up to different nature sounds and quickly snooze your alarm clock to prevent it from ringing if you choose. The clock can be modified with three dimmable light settings and six color choices, depending on your preference. The light itself is energy-saving according to the brand.

      Amazon's Choice

      37% off

      Jall Store Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

      • $32.88
      • $52.98

        This Sunrise alarm clock has over 25,000 Amazon reviews and is recommended by the e-tailer themselves. You can customize whether you want to wake up in 30 minutes, 20 minutes or 10 minutes in the morning, and you can even personalize what alarm sound you want to wake up to. There are 20 adjustable brightness levels and different LED light colors you can choose from, and there's a button to tune into FM radio as well if you need that to wake up in the mornings.

        Money back guarantee


        Philips SmartSleep

        • $148.96

          This smart alarm clock comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee from Philips, just in case you don't like your purchase. It can simulate both sunrise and sunset and comes with 20 brightness settings and five natural wake-up sounds, for added customization. You can also tune into FM radio in the mornings or use this clock as a bedside lamp if you wish. The brand also says that Philips wake-up lights are recommended by physicians "for establishing a healthy sleep and wake routine."

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