How this family-owned skydiving business used Hulu Ad Manager to connect with new audiences

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Friday, October 14, 2022
Skydiving business uses Hulu Ad Manager
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This family-run skydiving business used to skydive into local football games to connect with thrill seekers. Now they leverage digital marketing on streaming TV.

HOUSTON -- "This is my father's brainchild, hes an amazing businessman," says Eric Boyd, owner and a pilot at Skydive Spaceland. "My grandfather was kind of on the pioneering side of sports skydiving, so that brought my father into skydiving," he adds.

For more than 22 years, Skydive Spaceland has become the go-to spot for thrill seekers. Located outside Houston, Texas, the multi-generation family business is exclusively for parachuting.

"This isnt something you do once, this has obviously become a lifestyle for all of us," says Christy West, director of marketing and communications for Skydive Spaceland. "Ive never thought I would be working skydiving, certainly not for 10 years," she adds.

Established in February 2000, the business now operates in five locations across the United States. As the company explored unique pathways to success and growth, Skydive Spaceland contemplated new ways of growing its business through a well-rounded marketing mix. "So, for advertising, we have done radio, we have done some print in the past, we have even done demo jumps into football stadiums," adds Boyd.

Wanting to keep up with technology, they decided to advertise on streaming TV, using Hulu Ad Manager. "Skydiving is such a strong visual sport," says West. "And what we wanted to do is a multi-pronged approach with Hulu Ad Manager, trying to get people in their homes," she adds.

The business used the self-service, ad tech platform to raise awareness of their business among locals. "I would recommend the platform to other small business owners because it's just a good way to reach people in their homes," West adds.

"Were here to provide a unique experience and a unique service for people," concludes Eric Boyd. "If theyre afraid of heights, and they do accomplish it. Theyre so excited; theyre happy, and they have a new outlook on life that they can achieve things they think they couldnt do."

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