Bullman With Bulldog sculpture sparks selfies in Walnut Creek

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- A downtown Walnut Creek corner may have just become one of the most popular places in the East Bay to take a picture or a selfie.

Bullman With Bulldog was unveiled Thursday. The sculpture is at the corner of North Main and Mount Diablo streets. It's a very well dressed man with a bull head leaning on a downtown light pole with his bulldog nearby.

As soon as Bullman was unmasked the picture-taking began.

"And that's one of the purposes of it," said Walnut Creek Mayor Rich Carlston. "When I saw their renderings, a long time ago I was thrilled with it, but I think the statue is even better than the renderings."

Artist Gerald Heffernon and donor Brian Hirahara joined the mayor for the unveiling Thursday

Bullman With Bulldog was a gift to the city by Hirahara.
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