Coast Guard suspends search for boy swept out to sea at Cowell Ranch State Beach

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended the search for a 12-year-old boy who was swept out to sea Monday. They will begin searching again in the morning.

The boy was swept into the ocean at Cowell Ranch State Beach in Half Moon Bay. The boy's father and 8-year-old brother were also swept into the water but they were able to get out.

Rescue crews worked into the darkness and nighttime hours in search of Arunay Pruthi of Fremont.

His father provided us a picture in hopes that someone might have seen him.

Boats and helicopters were used to try and locate the boy.

"We're going to keep looking as long as we can," said supervising ranger Barbara Morris.

Initial responders could actually see the 12-year-old from a cliff seconds after they arrived.

"They saw a boy in the water about a hundred yards out and they lost sight of him, he unfortunately went under, and he has not been seen since," says Cecile Juliette of San Mateo County Fire.

Those officials say Arunay was sitting on the sand when a wave swept him, his father, and 8-year-old brother into the ocean. His father and brother were able to get out.

Witnesses say the waves were strong.

"The surf was really high it was actually kind of more like giant waves one after the other, like a washing machine as if you were in the water," said Lauren Roberge who described the chaotic scene from her location on the other side of the beach.

Monday night Arunay's heartbroken father could barely make out his words, telling us that he is hopeful the search continues until his son is found. Officials are attempting to do just that but, in the morning, when there is light.

"The biggest challenge at night is the lack of light. It's just really dark out there and you can't see really well," said Morris.

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