How can the Golden State tackle the high price of housing and keep the California Dream alive?

ByJuan Carlos Guerrero KGO logo
Monday, March 22, 2021
Cost of living remains a challenge
The "California Dreaming" series looks at the state's future and the people working to keep the dream alive. This episode is about the cost of living in California.

California is an expensive place to be. It has been since the time of the Gold Rush in the 1850s. The problem now is that it is exponentially more expensive to live in sections of California than other parts of the country.

One prime example is Silicon Valley. More than half of the homes in San Jose, the state's third largest city, are priced over $1 million.

It's no wonder some residents are moving to cheaper places. But there are ways to make California more affordable by tackling its biggest problem - the high price of housing.

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Want to learn more about how the cost of living is affecting your ZIP code, or how the prices of rent, goods, and services in your metro area are compared to the rest of the country? See our maps below:

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