California recall election: Here's how twitter reacted to Governor Gavin Newsom's big win

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- After California voters soundly rejected the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, Twitter exploded on both sides of the recall fight. While there was plenty of congratulations for Governor Newsom, there was also support for the Republican candidates. One topic that crossed party lines was the frustration, criticism, and cost of California's recall system.

Here's some of the buzziest tweets from election night:

Diedrich Bader - Actor
"Well congratulations California. We ended up paying the biggest restaurant tab ever."

Bette Midler - Entertainer
"Thank God; but try to wrap your head around the stupidity of this: it cost YOU, the California taxpayer, $250,000,000. That is not a typo. Think what we could have used that money for."

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Congressman Eric Swalwell
Goodnight anti-vaxxers. Goodnight anti-choicers. Goodnight gun nuts. Goodnight climate deniers. Goodnight moon.

And goodnight CA Radical Republicans.

Catch us at the midterms.

Mary Trump - Author & niece of former president Donald Trump
"We dodged another bullet in California, which is great news, but I've got to be honest, we can't keep living on the edge like this. The current system is rigged against democracy and that has to change."

John Legend - Musician
"He faced a recall because it's ridiculously easy to start a recall in California. He won in a landslide that probably won't reflect much erosion from his last election, if any. This analysis seems to be ignoring these very salient points."

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Tomi Lahren - Fox News Host
"California, you fought the good fight and you put the fear of God in Newsom. Don't lose steam. The fight ain't over! Keep the energy high and be proud of how much you accomplished."

Elijah Wood - Actor

"Phew, California."

Michael Moore - Filmmaker
"CONGRATULATIONS GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM and your landslide victory! You crushed it."

Michael McFaul - Professor & Former U.S. ambassador to Russia
"I love California. There is no place I'd rather live. But our recall laws (and referendums) are completely insane."
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