School in Oakland begins with new supplies, vaccination law

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- It is the first day of school at Franklin Elementary in Oakland. The first day comes with many challenges but an event helped kids check one thing off of their list - backpacks and school supplies.

Donations from nonprofits and businesses in the area were handed out Monday morning.

Another stress point this year is a new California law that's in place which states kids must be up to date with their immunizations. If they're not, they can't come to school.

School officials are still tallying how Monday morning went, but they feel like they did a lot of outreach and they don't think a lot of children will be impacted.

"So far, this morning, I haven't heard that there's been an issue. We're going to meet later on today to make sure we understand how big of a problem it may be with our district and pretty much continue putting together a plan to make sure we address it and make sure that our kids can go to school," Oakland Unified School District's Vernon Hal said.

There are clinics in Alameda County that will give free or reduced cost vaccinations for kids.

For those who have a personal belief exemption, if they got it in before the law was signed, they can be grandfathered in until seventh grade.

Everyone else has to have vaccinations.

A spokesperson says he'd be surprised if more than a couple hundred kids were turned away on Monday.

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