Website releases report on wage gap between CEO, workers in tech

Career website Glassdoor released a new report Tuesday that focused on the wage gap between CEOs and average workers in tech companies in 2014.

The report found that on average, a CEO earns almost 204 times what his or her worker earns.

Companies with the largest pay gap include Oracle, where the CEO makes more than $67 million, that's 573 time's more than its average worker that makes $117,000 a year.

Yahoo's CEO makes more than $42 million, Apple's CEO earns $9 million, Salesforce CEO makes $31 million and Hewlett-Packard's salary is $19 million.

Companies with the smallest pay ratio are Facebook, where the CEO makes just over $610,00, that's only four times more than his workers. At Google the CEO takes just $1, but both CEOs earn millions more each year in stock.
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