Latest Chinatown attack on seniors prompts other victim families to speak out

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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It's the kind of attack that seems to be happening all too often. Older Asians getting assaulted in broad daylight or when surrounded by bystanders.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's the kind of attack-- that seems to be happening all too often. Older Asians getting assaulted in broad daylight or when surrounded by bystanders.

Most recently, on Sunday in Chinatown's Portsmouth Square, four men are seen on camera attacking three seniors.

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Just this past summer-two seniors were viciously assaulted while crossing a Chinatown street in broad daylight.

Community leaders like Larry Yee of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association whose organization offered up a 25-thousand dollar reward in this past summer's attack say there needs to be more law enforcement presence and the installation of emergency call box stations.

"Hopefully they get the message and figure that out because it's not only Chinatown. If you have crimes being committed anybody can just hit that emergency blue button. I've been thinking about this and talking to supervisors and the police chief."

In a community, not known for speaking out, a woman who doesn't want to reveal her name is coming forward for the first time with what happened to her father just weeks earlier.

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"Guys pointed a gun at him, pistol-whipped and told him I'm going to shoot you. Seeing it happened to someone Chinatown really made me realize how much we need to shed light on this and speak up."

Her father, who lives in San Francisco, decided to open his parking lot business in the Central Valley to escape the crimes of the big city. Little did he know he would be attacked in Stockton in his own workplace parking lot.

"When is enough, enough," exclaims the woman with tears in her eyes. "It's just one after another after another after another. They're targeting in broad daylight, it's crazy!"

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Back at Portsmouth Square, another kind of speaking out: with no words. A silent protest. Led by the granddaughter of a nearly 90-year old woman who was brutally beaten and left for dead in Visitacion Valley earlier this year.

It's a strong message with and without words.

"It could be anybody's dad, you know? Speak up! It could be anybody's dad!" says the woman.

We reached out to SFPD, but have not heard back.