Recession bringing Christmas tree prices up this holiday season

NORTH CAOLINA -- The National Christmas Tree Association said last decade's recession is having an impact on this year's harvest of Christmas trees across the country, adding that low sales during the recession may be to blame.

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"We backed off on planting some back then and unfortunately, the results are that we have a lower supply today and of course, in the booming economy that we have, we have high demand," said a spokesperson for the National Christmas Tree Association Doug Hundley.

The State Farmer's Market manager Ronnie Best told ABC11 about 8,000 - 9,000 trees are up for sale there every year, adding that farmers bring in more supply from the mountains as needed.

When it comes to the price tag, the National Christmas Tree Association said shoppers could expect to see a five to 10 percent increase across the country as their market adjusts.

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