Congressman Eric Swalwell says Trump's impeachment trial was 'worth it'

ByKristen Sze and Liz Kreutz KGO logo
Monday, February 15, 2021
Rep. Swalwell says Trump's impeachment trial 'was worth it'
Congressman Eric Swalwell talked about his process as an impeachment manager in Trump's trial and the possible new plans to hold the former president accountable.

East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell was one of the nine impeachment managers who argued the case for Trump's impeachment and removal on the Senate floor.

Swalwell talked to ABC7 about his process during the trial and possible new plans to hold Trump accountable.

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"The outcome of this was not unexpected. So ultimately what did the American people get out of this? Was all this worth it?" asked ABC7's Kristen Sze.

"It was completely worth it to show that a president is held accountable until the last second that they are in the office and we will never give a president a January exception where you can commit crimes and then not be held accountable afterward. Also, the country needed to see just what our president incited among our citizens to attack our capitol. The fact that seven Republicans broke ranks shows that this was the largest bipartisan impeachment vote ever. I think that is going to be vindicated in history," Swalwell said.

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