Inside actor Dan Plehal's 15-minute transformation into Sven for Disney's Frozen

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
From actor to reindeer: It takes 15 minutes to transform into Sven
Disney's Frozen actor Dan Plehal takes us through his 15-minute costume change as Sven the reindeer.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- From Elsa's bedazzled braid to Olaf's snow-like exterior, Disney's Frozen features your favorite Disney characters in awe-inspiring costumes.

One character takes 15 minutes to transform from man to reindeer -- it's none other than Kristoff's lovable steed, Sven. The highly physical role involves a dance background and an incredible amount of strength to bring Sven to life.

In the video above, actor Dan Plehal takes viewers through the transformation process, which involves balancing on stilts that resemble hooves and wearing massive antlers attached to a reindeer headpiece.

Once Dan's all strapped in, he wears the 40-50-pound costume all night alongside actor Dominic Dorset, who plays Kristoff.

Be sure to catch the hit musical playing now through Dec. 30 at BroadwaySF's Orpheum Theatre.

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