'Onward' is now on Disney+, early for families dealing with coronavirus crisis

Good news! Disney and Pixar's "Onward" is available to stream now on Disney+ and to buy on digital.

This comes as theaters are closing around the world in response to the coronavirus pandemic and millions of families are encouraged to social distance in order to slow the spread of the disease. "Onward" hit theaters March 6.

Already, Disney has gone forward with releasing "Frozen 2" early on Disney+. Originally slated for release in June, "Frozen 2" was available on the streaming service in the U.S. on March 15.

"Given the current circumstances, we are pleased to release this fun, adventurous film to digital platforms early for audiences to enjoy from the comfort of their homes," said Director Dan Scanlon and Producer Kori Rae in a statement released Friday.

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"Onward" is set in a world much like our own suburbia, with airplanes, lawnmowers and smartphones. The all-new original feature follows teenage elf brothers Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt) as they set out on "an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there," according to a Pixar press release.

The "Onward" cast also includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer. It's directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae.

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