Surveillance video shows armed men who beat woman, stole her puppy in SF

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC7 News has obtained surveillance video of the moment three men assaulted a woman at gunpoint before stealing her puppy in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood on Tuesday Night.

In the video, a group of men wearing masks and white hoodies can be seen walking up Hyde Street near Broadway before attacking Sarah Vorhaus, 30, who said she was walking her two dogs, Colton and Chloe.

The men then run towards a getaway car and drive away. By request from Vorhaus, ABC7 News has blurred the car as police investigate.

Vorhaus said she heard a man come up behind her and say, "give me your dog."

When she turned around, a man holding a gun punched her twice in the face and then ran away with Chloe, a 5-month-old French Bulldog.

"I just started screaming. I didn't know what to do. I screamed as loud as I could," Vorhaus told ABC7 News on Wednesday.

Shelley Peery saw the attack unfold and ran to help Vorhaus.

"The second scream was, like, blood-curdling," Peery recalled. "Like, we knew it wasn't happy screaming."

ORIGINAL REPORT: SF woman assaulted at gunpoint, puppy stolen in brazen attack

San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin said SFPD has leads on the suspects.

"We are taking this very very seriously," Peskin told ABC7 News. "I am hopeful we are going to apprehend the individuals who perpetrated that crime and they will be held to account."

The horrific attack was frustrating for neighbors who say they want the city to crackdown on crime.

"There's car break-ins every week, people smashing windows, taking stuff off of porches, packages. It's really bad," Russell Rheingrover, who owns the building across the street from where Vorhaus was attacked, said. "There's a lot of issues that are driving individuals like me out of the city."

Vorhaus said she is now considering leaving San Francisco. But first, she must find Chloe.

French Bulldogs can cost thousands of dollars and Vorhaus believes Chloe may have been targeted. She's terrified attackers will try to sell her.

"We just really want to find her," Vorhaus said. "If you know anything, if you see anything on Craigslist, just please tell us."

Peery said she is hoping with enough community attention and support, Chloe will be found.

"I believe in San Francisco," Peery said. "I really hope people help find Chloe, for her, for Sarah."

Vorhaus said people with any information can call 919-360-7332.

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