Petition to remove Petaluma High School principal who cut mic during speech

PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) -- Interesting development with Petaluma High School graduated senior Lulabel Seitz. Her story went viral after the school cut her microphone during a valedictorian speech. Staffers worried that she would go off script and talk about a sexual assault against her. One student told us that Lulabel had planned to name the alleged victim.

As of this morning, the Care2.vm website had received more than 5700 signatures from around the nation and world, calling for Principal David Stirrat to be removed.

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We reached Lulabel this morning in Southern California, where she is vacationing at Disneyland. She knew nothing about the petition.

When asked about the petition, she said, "I think the people who are not doing their jobs well should either be retrained or removed. Stirrat has had a lot of opportunities to take more student input and handle student issues better, and he seems to have not taken them, so far. If this controversy inspired him to actually change what he was doing, then he wouldn't need to be removed."

Further, she said: "While he (Stirrat) deserves those petitions, (Assitant Superintendent) Dave Rose is a big part of the problem, in my opinion. Many of the girls from the Petaluma City Schools have reached out to me and told me he also mishandled their cases."

"The Assistant Superintendent/Title 9 coordinator, some told me, is the one who cut the mic."

The Petaluma City School District has a scheduled board meeting, tonight. Seitz told ABC7 that she made a statement to a group called, Indivisible. They will be attending and will read the statement.

Here is one version of our original story from Thursday.

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