'BattleBots' commentator and robot engineer show off 'Chomp's' skills

NEW YORK -- "BattleBots" is back and better than ever! ABC's BattleBots features homemade robots battling each other in a single elimination tournament style format.

Chris Rose who does the Play-by-play and Kenny Florian the Color Commentator said that the show focuses on the amazing engineering ability of the competitors from all different backgrounds.

"We love the competition. These people are energized when they are inside of the battlebots arena and we as Americans love to see one-on-one combat, and that's what you get between two 250 pound masses of metal inside of this arena and it just makes it a lot of fun," Rose said.

"They all have their unique weapons, their unique strategies, unique approaches, and it really was interesting to see how it all played out," Florian said.

Zoe Stephenson introduced us to Chomp! Chomp was created by the mechanical engineer from Los Angeles.

Chomp showed off her amazing steel jaws and even has a flame thrower. She chomped down on a TV monitor and tore it to shreds! Just imagine what this bot can do to the competition!

"Being able to think on the fly like, 'Oh man, this parts broken, now what am I going to do? Oh gosh, I have a few hours, or 24 hours,' you've got to figure something out," Stephenson said.

Stephenson hopes to inspire women that may aspire to join the world of engineering by creating this standout robot and hopefully winning the ultimate battle.

You can watch "BattleBots" Sunday nights on ABC!
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