How to be a great private investigator like Alice Vaughan on 'The Catch'

With her sharp wit, unbreakable will and kick-butt attitude, Alice Vaughan from ABC's The Catch is one of the best private investigators in the business. But if you aspire to be a great private eye like Vaughan, you'll have to make sure you have these skills and traits to ensure you succeed.

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty

When it comes to catching crooks and thieves, you can't always keep your hands clean. Just look at Alice, who held no reservations when breaking into the SUV of her former lover Benjamin Jones after he fled her house, or even taking down an art thief at a gala opening. Plus, Alice shows that playing dirty can be a lot of fun, too.

Know how to blend in

Alice knows how to use her surroundings to her advantage and can stealthily pounce on con artists when they least suspect it. She easily infiltrated Ben's high level meeting with Princess Zara Al-Salim, and can gain entry to top secret locations without raising any eyebrows.

But know when to stand out

For private investigators, blending in isn't always the best option. Sometimes you need to let your perp loudly know you're hot on their tail. All eyes were on Alice when she cornered Ben at the luxurious investors event, making him realize his former fiancee is not one to be reckoned with.

Have state of the art gadgets

You're going to need more than just a cell phone and a pair of binoculars to find your suspect. Alice uses a sophisticated array of the latest tech gadgets, allowing her to listen, spy and track her prey from miles away. She keeps track of Ben's credit card spending, and is smart enough to realize when others may be using gadgets to spy on her.

Surround yourself with a dedicated team

At Anderson/Vaughan Investigations, Alice is surrounded by a loyal team who are just determined and resourceful as her. Alice's partner Danny Yoon has no problem getting into trouble and her colleague Sophie Novak can hack into any perp's computer or phone from afar. Her partner Valarie Anderson knows just how to be the perfect friend, and sometimes foe, that Alice needs.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

Even though she's still hurt from Benjamin lying and stealing from her, Alice isn't going to let her former lover and current enemy get away from her grasp. Alice and Ben have started to mend their wounds, but she's still keeping a close watch on the perfect moment to catch her prey.

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