College football superfans brave chilly temps while living on San Jose billboard

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Four college football superfans are living atop a billboard in downtown San Jose. This is all for the College Football Playoff, with the championship game planned for January 7 at Levi's Stadium.

Downtown San Jose is now home to four college football superfans, at least temporarily. To find them, you just have to look up.

WATCH LIVE: College football superfans live atop ESPN billboard in San Jose

The four at South Almaden Blvd. and Park Avenue were picked from a pool of roughly 700 - chosen to represent their college teams.

Jeanette Kim is supporting the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Llyas Ross is Roll Tide, Ruben Hunter is a Boomer Sooner and Nancy Volland supports the Clemson Tigers.

The teams will play in the semifinal games for the College Football Playoff Saturday. Fans of the two losing teams will have to leave.

The remaining two will stick around chilly San Jose through January 7 for the College Football National Championship game at Levi's.

"I think we can win anywhere, regardless of the California chill," Kim said.

Until then, they'll eat, sleep and breathe atop the 45-foot billboard. "It's funny, whenever we go to sleep, you can hear these planes going overhead because the airport is like right by us. So, it's pretty funny seeing all that. There's like carnival rides next door, so there's people screaming on this carnival ride while you're trying to go to sleep," said Hunter.

It's home at a new height for these fans. And you can either look up or sit back and relax. Activities atop the billboard are being live streamed on ESPN 3.
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