Grandmother leaves hilarious voicemail apologizing for eating the last donut

This grandmother knows it's bad etiquette to eat the last of the donuts, but she just couldn't help herself.

An Arizona woman named Kristen said she recently moved in with her grandmother, and she got this sweet voicemail in which Grandma expresses guilt for having eaten the last donut.

It takes Grandma a moment to get to the point, as she has to explain how she wound up in the precarious situation, but she goes on to apologize and even offer advice so the new roommates can avoid the situation in the future.

"Kristen, this is Grandma. It's not an emergency. It's nothing, really, except that I got up to get my watermelon, and the box was there, and I looked to see if there was a donut left, and I saw that strawberry stuff coming out, and I ... took that up with my finger. And then I took a corner off. And from there I ate the whole thing. So I would advise you, if you want more donuts, you better get some today, and keep them in your bedroom because I'm not to be trusted with sweets. OK? Sorry about that. I hope you can find some more today."

The voicemail was posted on Thursday to Reddit, where it was upvoted about 2,000 times in the first day.

Kristen commented that she would love to buy her grandmother more donuts, but Grandma is diabetic and has to watch her sweet intake. The granddaughter did, though, express how grateful she is to live with her grandmother and make these memories.

"I feel incredibly lucky to have this time to spend with my grandma," she wrote. "She really is the best!"
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