Pregnant women line up for pizza that they say induces labor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (KGO) -- There's a pizza place in North Carolina that has pregnant women lining up for a slice. And it's not because they have a great deep dish.

Hawthorne's in Charlotte offers a special pie that is rumored to induce labor. It's called the Buffalo Wing Pizza.

"Good Morning America" spoke to the owners, who say the secret is in the sauce.

So what does ABC's Dr. Jennifer Ashton think of all this? "I think it's a coincidence. The Italians invented a lot of things. They did not invent the induction of labor. There are many myths about spicy, full moon, getting busy. None of them have been really conclusive," she said.

Still, many moms swear by it, saying they went into labor within 24 hours of having a slice.

As for the owners, they plan to change the name of the special pizza to "The Inducer."
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