Job Hunting with Jobina: Firebrand Artisan Breads is hiring, no experience needed

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- If you've ever been on a walk along Broadway in Uptown Oakland, it's very possible that you've gotten a whiff of deliciousness from Firebrand Artisan Breads. It's a mission-driven bakery focused on producing European-style wood-fired breads and pastries. The company is also hiring.

"We focus on hiring people who are formerly homeless or formerly incarcerated, or otherwise have barriers to employment," Matt Kreutz, Firebrand Artisan Breads founder and CEO, said.

Kreutz uses what he calls an "open hiring model."

"We don't take resumes, we don't do formal job interviews, we don't do background checks," Kreutz continued. "It's really kind of like a name on a clipboard, apply online with
your basic name and telephone number, and we bring you in and make sure they're a good fit."

Artisan Firebrand Breads needs a café manager, retail employee, two bakers, cleaners and more.

"We're opening a new location in Alameda which will hopefully be open by the end of May theoretically," Kreutz said. "And retail to follow by August."

The company will need to fill all positions at the new location. The Alameda property will also feature an on-site worker resource center run by a group called Five Keys.

"Five Keys will basically serve as the kind of connection point to different community groups and help us better serve the employees by providing classes, providing more training, providing some kind of onboarding materials as well," Kreutz went on. "Say someone is coming in from incarceration and they need some help connecting to housing or connecting to different groups, they'll be able to help make those introductions and also provide support."

The resource center is supposed to serve as a safe space so that if employees need help with anything, they don't have to tell their boss.

"People are looking for people who really want to work and really want to grind," Kreutz said. "Even if you don't have the experience, but you have that work ethic and you have that attitude, you'll be successful."


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