Eight things that got San Francisco tweeting last week

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Saturday, February 9, 2019
Photo: @MikeNiccoABC7/Twitter

The utility giant PG&E's announcement last week that it would seek bankruptcy protection took social media by storm.

The Chronicle's tweet became one of the most-liked and -shared among San Francisco's Twitter users, with nearly 4,400 local retweets, favorites, quotes and replies as of this writing. But tweets from people in the city -- more than 1.1 million posted between January 28 and February 3 -- ran the gamut from weather to public safety to an impressive earnings report by a local business.

It can be hard to make sense of the sometimes chaotic stream of information on Twitter, so Hoodline analyzed data from San Francisco's Twitter users to identify which local events, issues and curiosities got people most interested last week.

Some of the top local tweets had to do with the polar vortex that gripped the Upper Midwest -- specifically, San Francisco's collective relief that it wasn't happening here.

The city's Twitter users had at least 123 reasons to be glad they were in the Bay Area, rather than upper Minnesota.

With more than 850 local reactions on Twitter, another story that got a lot of attention was a popular food truck's plans to expand into a permanent space.

Local e-cigarette maker Juul's $1 billion earnings report was also among the top Twitter news in terms of retweets, replies, quotes and favorites, with more than 790 local interactions as of this writing.

What else captured your attention on Twitter last week?

It turns out San Francisco police speak a lot of languages, and they made a video about it.

Leading public safety news was this tweet about a drug arrest in The Tenderloin.

Ahead of the weekend storm, the fire department shared this all-important warning about respecting downed power lines.

Finally, what's better than a video of a few seals on a beach in Marin County? A video of dozens of seals on a beach in Marin County, like this one from @nbcbayarea.