NYC dessert shop's giant s'mores weigh almost 3 pounds

ByAlex Meier and Edwin Cartagena via WABC logo
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
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MEATPACKING DISTRICT, Manhattan -- A New York City dessert studio is making a giant s'more that doesn't have customers asking for some more.

According to Sherri Blockinger, executive chef and owner of Sherri B Dessert Studio in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, not one person has finished her giant, 2-pound-10-ounce s'more. She said a duo of burly Canadians tried and failed and needed to take a piece to go.

Blockinger said she created the giant s'more because "why not?"

"We make everything here from scratch, in-house, and I was rolling out graham cracker one day, and thought, 'I want to make a giant s'more," she said.

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This can explain why Blockinger runs a "studio" instead of a bakery: Creativity is always a key ingredient in her treats. Sherry B's also offers stuffed brownies, "tipsy" marshmallows and more one-of-a-kind desserts.

She said there's no "right" way to eat her gigantic creation, but Sherri B always warms the marshmallow with a blowtorch for the perfect pull-apart.

"If you're messy, it means you had fun," she said.

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