Grace Kinstler talks about 'American Idol' experience ahead of new single release

ByHosea Sanders WLS logo
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Chicago favorite American Idol contestant talks about experience on show ahead of new single release
It's coming down to the wire on American Idol and a front runner to win is Chicago favorite, Grace Kinstler, who has announced the release of her new single "Love Someone."

CHICAGO -- It's coming down to the wire on American Idol and a front runner to win is Chicago favorite Grace Kinstler!

Hosea Sanders talks to the McHenry County native about making it this far with just over a week until the finale!

Sanders: "People all across the country know your name, and a lot of them finally know what the people who grew up with you and all your Chicago fans know - that you are a superstar!"

Kinstler: "I feel grateful, it's surreal, thousands of people came to audition for this show."

While she is enjoying every minute of the experience, she said she's trying to not get her hopes up as the end approaches.

Kinstler: I" think the biggest thing for me is just trying to stay in the moment and take in the experience as much as possible because at the end of the day, only one person is gonna win. Just to be here is a blessing, so I'm just trying to take in the experience one day at a time, and enjoy it because it's going to be over faster than I know it."

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However, her confidence on stage is half the battle.

Kinstler: "A lot of people say I look really confident when I'm onstage, for me that's a complete facade because I'm always internally freaking out. It's like Beyonce has her Sasha Fierce, and I kind of put on that personality, too, when I'm on stage."

Hosea: "Does your alter ego have a name?"

Kinstler: "No, I haven't come up with it yet, but maybe soon."

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There are already plans for a hometown event to honor Kinstler in Crystal Lake, where she went to high school. She has this advice for the kids there who've been voting for her.

Kinstler: "No matter what anybody tells you, always keep going, if it's really your passion if you're doing what you're doing for the right reasons, you can get a thousand no's but you'll still keep going."

Besides trying to make the top three, Kinstler drops a new single Friday called "Love Someone."

Kinstler: "So that's really, really exciting. I got to work with Tricky Stewart. He's worked with Beyonce, Justin Bieber."

She said that is the song she will be performing on the show this Sunday.

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Kinstler: "Whether it comes down to that confetti coming down or not, you're our American Idol and we celebrate you!"

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