Santa Clara Co. considering plan if Obamacare repealed

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- There is concern in the Bay Area about the changes the Trump administration is proposing when it comes to health care. Many clinics that serve women and low-income families could stand to lose funding.

There's a back-up plan now being considered by Santa Clara County. One of the county supervisors said it's a race against the clock and they want to prepare in case millions are lost.

It was a happy, healthy checkup for 3-year-old David Velascos, one of the young patients at the Saint James Clinic in Downtown San Jose. Nearly 90 percent of the patients here are on Medi-Cal.

"For my family, it's really important. Clinics like this help our families in our community to be able to give them the right health they deserve," David's father, Adolfo, said.

Santa Clara County is at risk for losing federal funds that go to health clinics and programs serving women and their families.

The Trump administration is looking to replace the Affordable Care Act and millions could be at stake.

Gardner Health Services CEO Reymundo Espinoza showed up at the County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday because he's concerned the clinics in the system he oversees will be impacted.

"If you can't generate enough money to meet your expenses, of course, if they reduce the reimbursement, yeah, it could definitely could put you in a situation where you would close," Espinosa said.

The board of supervisors voted to come up with a plan to ensure women and children won't lose access to vital services at community health clinics and county health services.

"If they take away the services we provide or if they take away the funding for those, then we're going to have to limit the services that we are able to provide those patients," clinic dentist Dr. Sahkalpi Pendurkar said.

Leaders in the health care industry showed up to the meeting, expressing the need for action and applauding the county for being proactive.

"What we're putting forward is a really comprehensive agenda that lifts women and families up in our community in a way that will demonstrate to the country that when you invest in women, you really do invest in the country," Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez said.

It's an ambitious plan with an uncertain future, but so far county leaders seem determined.

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