Topher Grace, Karla Souza talk about starring in the new ABC comedy 'Home Economics'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Topher Grace, Karla Souza talk about starring in the new ABC comedy 'Home Economics'
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Jennifer Matarese interviews Topher Grace and Karla Souza about starring in the new ABC comedy "Home Economics."

NEW YORK -- Money can create uncomfortable moments and conversations and that proves to be true for the Hayworth family on ABC's new comedy "Home Economics."

The series takes a look at the relationship among three adult siblings: Connor who is in the one in the 1%, Tom who is in the middle class, and Sarah who is barely holding on.

The show is inspired by the life of writer and executive producer Michael Colton.

"This is something that Mike is really going through," said Topher Grace, "Tom." "At the time he was unemployed so he was middle class, and his sister was struggling. They all live in a close area, in close proximity to each other. My hope is that the show becomes such a success that Mike becomes the rich one!"

Karla Souza, who you may remember from ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder," plays "Tom's" wife "Marina." She said she was drawn to the role because it shows the real parts of being a mom.

"To have the sleepless nights, to have the hair falling off, and the pumping and to have all of that stuff put into a comedy was something that I was looking forward to because that was something that I was living in my real personal life," Souza said.

Being that it is a comedy, Grace finds himself having to take on some physical comedy, something he's not entirely used to doing.

"There's a lot of it for me. I was kind of in pain by the end of the season. It shows how old I am, I'm the oldest sibling. Two or three episodes in there's a bounce house scene, and what you don't realize when you are reading it on the page is that you have to do it 5,000 times to get it from lots of different angles, lots of different takes, so I might be in better shape because of this season," Grace said.

Don't miss the big premiere of "Home Economics" this Wednesday, April 7 at 8:30 p.m EST on ABC!

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