Coronavirus: National Geographic photographer captures striking images of Los Angeles' most vulnerable amid COVID-19 crisis

A National Geographic photographer captured striking images on his journey to document the homeless on Skid Row amid the coronavirus pandemic.
LOS ANGELES -- Some of Southern California's most vulnerable live on Skid Row, a neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles that is known for a high concentration of homeless individuals.

As the pandemic continues, questions are being raised on whether enough is being done to help them stay safe amid the coronavirus emergency? ABC7's content partner National Geographic and photographer Michael Christopher Brown documented their stories in striking images.

"These folks, they deserve more attention," said Brown. "The conditions are not necessarily what they should be in terms of having a certain amount of space in between everybody. Many, if not most of the people on Skid Row, have moderate to severe mental health issues, and being able to sort of transport themselves on public transport and get halfway across the city and go to a shelter for the night is a bit complicated."

Brown's work in the area showed him that what is most helpful to a lot of people is just having someone listen to them.

"There's an amazing spirit down there and people are really trying to help each other," said Brown. "There's still a lot of people on the streets, still looks for the most part how it's always looked, and I just worry that not enough is being done to help these people who many times can't help themselves."

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