Hotel worker beaten, robbed on way to work at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Police say a group of men attacked a San Francisco resident who was on his way to work at Fisherman's Wharf. The attack happened on Beach Street between Columbus Avenue and Hyde Street on Jan. 26.

According to officials, the 32-year-old victim was on his way to work at the Argonaut Hotel around 10:30 Saturday night, when he was attacked on Beach Street near a back door to the hotel. Managers at the Argonaut had no comment other than to say the victim is an auditor at the hotel, who was scheduled to work a night shift Saturday.

Surveillance images from a nearby building show a group of men running down a sidewalk ramp on Beach Street, chasing the victim. Police asked ABC7 not to release the images to the public, saying it may compromise their investigation.

Police say the suspects punched, kicked and threw the victim against a brick wall before robbing him. When help arrived, the victim was lying on the sidewalk, with a serious head wound, slipping in and out of consciousness. But police say he was able to tell officers what happened.

"The male stated that he was walking to work and he noticed six males on the street. As he passed those males, he noticed that they were following him. Moments later, he was attacked from behind and his backpack was stolen," said Officer Joseph Tomlinson with the San Francisco Police Department.

"The person who was attacked, I hope he's okay," said Sara Sosoatu, who works at Sees Candy on the corner of Beach and Hyde Streets, 20 yards from the scene.

The suspects were seen hanging out in front of the candy store before the attack, which happened after the store was closed for the night.

"If you're alone walking around this neighborhood, especially at night time, it's terrifying," she said. "Especially if it's a group of people that's sitting and waiting to do something, than it's like really terrifying."

"I'm not surprised. this area always has a lot of crazy people," said Mabl Siu, who also works on Beach Street and says she gets straight into an Uber or Lyft after work. "When it's dark, we don't really walk around."

San Francisco General Hospital says the victim is being treated there for his injuries. Police say that he is improving, but is still in very serious condition and that the investigation is ongoing.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Vinh.
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