18-year-old Jason Brown suspected in 3rd murder

FRESNO, Calif. -- A teenager suspected of two murders, one in Fresno and another in Livermore, is now believed to be involved in a third killing in Sacramento.

Investigators say 18-year-old Jason Brown shot and killed a 53-year-old man last month -- over drugs. Police say Brown, and one other man named John Bunch, carried out the murder in a Sacramento parking lot -- shooting the victim in the chest. Bunch has since been arrested.

Brown is wanted in Fresno for the September 12th killing of 27-year -old Albert Thao at the Mekhong Restaurant. Investigators discovered the victim and suspect called each other several times, right before the shooting.

The murder in Livermore happened this last Saturday. Police say Brown opened fire on two people sitting in a car outside a CVS pharmacy -- killing one.
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