'Be better tomorrow:' LeBron James walks out of NBA Finals presser

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- There's no doubt that Game 1 of the NBA finals was a showstopper in every single way. The postgame press conference is usually pretty uneventful but on Thursday night, there was one epic moment that most reporters, and social media, couldn't ignore.

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JR Smith, whether he didn't know the score, or was looking for LeBron, or something else, made an... interesting play that went viral and became infamous after the overtime clock had run out.

After answering several questions on the matter, James became upset. "I didn't know his state of mind," he said to a reporter, who was doggedly pursuing an answer on what JR was thinking.

With a dogged determination, the reporter pressed on and everyone in the room could sense James' discontent.

When asked again what was happening with Smith, James said he hadn't spoken with him and already answered the question.

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The back-and-forth between James and the reporter became so tense, you could almost hear a pin drop in the press room, which was sweltering with the heat of dozens of journalist from across the globe.
Then, as words stopped from both sides, James got up with his designer satchel, put on some $1,000 shades and swiftly left, turning over his shoulder to reporters saying, "Be better tomorrow."

With that, the gaggle of reporters cleared out of the room, with just a few people left to hear the final press conference attendant, Kevin Love.

Friday, Twitter exploded with ABC7 News' video of James exiting the press conference, bag, glasses, shorts-suit and all.

Viola Davis' iconic Gif from "How To Get Away With Murder" where she picked up her purse and peaced out of a scene is now being replaced with a shot of James peacing out of the Finals press conference.

Many are saying the image is iconic, and a "big mood" for the rest of the series.

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