'You can't quarantine love' campaign by local muralist raises money for United Way

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021
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This mural artist is giving back to those who need it most!

Ruben Rojas is an artist, designer, speaker and Los Angeles native. His murals can be seen all over Los Angeles County, as well as other parts of the country, and always reflect his mission of living through love.

"I like to say at the end of the day I'm creating a movement that's lived through love," Rojas said. "All I do is really use paint, and my words, and my motivation, and my poetry and all that to open the door and say, 'Hey there's another way to look at things. 'One of Rojas' most recent works in Santa Monica is a mural that reads, "You can't quarantine love." When he saw it going viral he knew this was a much bigger message, so he decided to create a t-shirt out of it. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the "you can't quarantine love" shirt will be donated to the United Way LA Pandemic Relief Fund.

"I thought, 'What can I do?' I can't write a million dollar check, but if I can inspire a lot of people to wear something really cool that's a piece of art, and then give back to what's in need," Rojas told ABC7. So, the artist decided to donate funds to the United Way LA Pandemic Fund: "Being from LA, it's affecting our home ground."

T-shirts are currently available for people to pre-order and expected to ship in the coming weeks.