Cakeland gets new taste of sweet artwork

Known for its cake-themed labyrinths, Cakeland Gallery continues to expand with new elaborate rooms of illusion, trickery and spectacle.

After postponing opening for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new exhibit called The Beauty War is now only possible to visit through an intimate personal tour.

"COVID has, you know, has just affected everybody in such a profound way," said artist Scott Hove of Cakeland Gallery located in Los Angeles's historic Chinatown.

"I am inviting people out by private appointment. I'm not allowed to or nor would I want to create a situation where we have a lot of people together," Hove told ABC7.

The multi-gallery installation is more than just fake, mouth watery frosting and icing abstracts, it's a new art experience meant to invoke and challenge deep thought and intellect.

"I've done series of rooms, which are very intense, immersive installations that each have their own personality," Hove explained.

"It's kind of a Hall of Mirrors type of situation. So, people can come in and then there are just these multiple infinities spaces that are thematic," Hove added.

Cakeland is not all perfect sweet pink walls and desirable sugar and flour -- Hove's work also has a different meaning.

"So, in Cakeland, it's a bit of paradise, but there always has to be a dark area. Just like in life, everything's made, everything's perfect and then you get a cavity in your tooth," Hove explained.

The Beauty War exhibit runs until end of December 2020. For tickets and bookings - head to for all the details.