Sisters-in-law donate giant greeting cards to Chicago-area hospitals

A family business is making giant greeting cards to help people bring lasting joy to loved ones during these unprecedented times.

StickeGreets was created by sisters-in-law Karen and Sheri Wolfe.

The initiative started after Karen's mother was fighting cancer. Many flowers that were delivered had to be refused, and cards were often difficult to see from the hospital bed.

StickeGreets is a big card that can stick to any surface. It's easy to take off and move around.

"We can really use this to connect people safely to encourage spreading joy," said Jamie Wolfe, Sheri Wolfe's daughter who works for the family business.

Currently, StickeGreets is in the works of donating several cards to hospitals in the Chicagoland area.

For more information, visit StickeGreets' website.