Mad Science has fun and educational activities for children to do at home.

LOS ANGELES -- Despite the pandemic, Mad Science Los Angeles has continued to find ways to provide fun, educational activities for kids.

"Our mission is to bring fun, educational science to children. Our main age range is, generally, we like to say K to 6th. However, we do have some pre-school programming," said Susan Kilanowski, managing director for Mad Science Los Angeles.

Mad Science is an organization that sets up events and learning seminars mainly for afterschool programs. Parents said they love learning just as much as the kids.

"They give you this whole bag that they prepare, you know, for everybody, and there's always amazing experiments," said Erin Reilley who has two children that have both taken part in Mad Science activities.

Their Halloween event is on Saturday October 24, and will involve a simple at-home experiment called the "Ghost Copter" and a virtual costume parade. For $20 a household can enjoy the online experience.

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