Face masks showing up in mail are part of latest scam

Face masks are showing up in mailboxes even though the recipients are saying they didn't order them.

Consumers are reporting that the masks show up in just a regular brown mailing envelope, labeled with Amazon and China. However, there is no invoice or paperwork, just the face mask.

The Better Business Bureau reports that this is the latest item being delivered in what's known as the brushing scam.

It's a scam where companies, often third party over-sea sellers, send inexpensive items in the mail to addresses they find online. Their goal is to try to boost their reviews with Amazon.

Once the items are received, they post fake, positive reviews to improve their rating, which could equate to more sales.

We've warned you about this scam several times over the years.

Over the summer, shipments of seeds from China were used in the brushing scam.

Viewers have also received other items like fake gold looking ring and other trinkets.

If this happens to you, change your Amazon password just to be safe. You can also contact Amazon customer service and report it as a fraudulent purchase.

If you get one of these masks, of course, you should just throw it away since you just don't know where it's been.

Also, According to the FTC, you are allowed to keep something you didn't order if it's specifically sent to your name and your address, and you don't owe any money for it.
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