Crescent moon aligns with Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in Friday's night sky

Venus and Jupiter are the brightest planets in the night sky.
A trio of planets accompanied the moon in the sky on Friday, Dec. 10.

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus fell in line with the crescent moon in the southwestern sky shortly after nightfall, according to AccuWeather.

Earth's celestial neighbor appeared at the top of the line, followed by Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. The alignment was visible around the world.

Aside from the moon, Venus is the brightest object in the night sky, and Jupiter, the largest planet, falls third in the line of brightest.

Stargazers had ample opportunity to capture photos of the alignment, and anyone who wanted to take a closer look at the gas giants and their moons could have used binoculars or a telescope, according to AccuWeather.

Even now that the moon has passed, the planetary trio will remain aligned for most of December.
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