Amazing Performance: Natalie Portman in 'Jackie'

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Amazing performance: Natalie Portman in 'Jackie'
Natalie Portman studied Jackie Kennedy's famous 1962 White House tour to learn about the former first lady's style and demeanor.

Jaqueline Kennedy captivated America during her time as first lady. Natalie Portman went to extraordinary lengths to transform into the iconic first lady in "Jackie."

Portman studied the first lady's childhood background, her style influences and her unique accent, and using Kennedy's memorable 1962 tour of the White House as a studyguide.

"I watched it sort of obsessively and studied it to learn the accent and the way she talked and the way she moved and the facial expressions," Portman told Vanity Fair.

Portman earned a fierce admiration for who Jackie was not just as a first lady, but as a person.

"I always had this sort icon respect," Portman said, "but not this sort of interior respect of the inner strength it took to be that composed to the world."