Bay Area Muslims condemn Nice truck attack

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Reaction came swiftly from the Bay Area Muslim community after the attack in Nice.

Reaction came swiftly from the Bay Area Muslim community after the attack in Nice.

Muslims continue to condemn violent attacks committed in the name of their religion.

Wasim Malik feared seeing on another massacre on TV. More incomprehensible panic and bloodshed. Watching this numbed him.

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"Every other day or you know, whenever these atrocities are perpetrated by somebody, we as Muslims hope that it doesn't turn out to be a Muslim," explained Malik, the V.P. of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

Zaki Agha became angry.

"This is not Islam. They are far removed from Islam. They are far removed from God. They're satanic. Their acts are satanic," said Agha.

The two men attended Friday prayers at their mosque in Milpitas

"Islam by definition means peace," said Malik. "These perpetrators have hijacked Islam for their own twisted means."

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On the lawn of the mosque is this sculpture of the American flag with the word "loyalty" on the side.

"Islam requires us to be loyal to our country," said Agha, which in his case, is America.

After the 9-11 attack, the community launched a national campaign to spread the awareness about Muslims and their message.

"Peace, universal brotherhood, tolerance and acceptance," is how Malik describes the Islamic religion.

A message they say that becomes even more important after each attack.

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