Community mourns 19-year-old mysteriously killed while overseas in Rome

ROME -- A community in the Midwest is mourning a young man who went overseas to study, only to die mysteriously.

Now police in Rome have arrested a suspect after his body was found in a river.

Nineteen-year-old Beau Solomon's death in Italy has his family and friends back home in Wisconsin devastated.

"It was so hard to hear about that. To hear about your best friend, you really didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to him," friend Anders Wermuth said.

The University of Wisconsin student had just arrived in Rome for a summer exchange program. The teen was described as a star athlete and proud cancer survivor.

"Had over 15 to 20 procedures growing up throughout his life and was able to overcome all that," Beau's brother, Cole, said.

But on Monday, Solomon's body was discovered in Rome's Tiber River near the Marconi Bridge - that's less than three miles from famous tourist destinations including the Colosseum.

The teen apparently was found with a large head wound, without his wallet and cellphone. His credit card company says someone recently charged $1,500 on the card.

Police say they are now checking surveillance cameras and conducting interviews to try to piece together a timeline.

"Everybody knew Beau. I know that everyone will come together and support each other through this tough time," River Valley Schools Director of Academics' Brian Krey said.

Solomon was last seen early Friday morning at a bar with a group of fellow students. When his friends decided to leave, they couldn't find him.

Then when he didn't show up for orientation hours later, his roommates alerted the school.

An autopsy is scheduled to determine the exact cause of death.

Police say a 40-year-old homeless man is under arrest but there is still no motive.
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