Contra Costa County Board, Deputy DA's to vote on fate of current District Attorney

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KGO) -- An emergency meeting was held Friday to discuss the fate of the Contra Costa County District Attorney, who is being investigated for corruption and misconduct.

Some of Mark Peterson's employees say they don't have confidence in him and say the allegations have been very damaging to morale in the office.

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On Friday the Board voted unanimously to take a vote on Peterson fate.

He is accused and has admitted to spending campaign money on himself. A grand jury said yesterday he should be removed from office.

If deputy DA's do vote in favor of no confidence it will be strictly symbolic. It won't trigger any legal action but the board thinks it would be a powerful statement.

"I think its way for our association to stand up and say that this is not acceptable. This situation is not acceptable. We do not agree with Mr. Peterson's actions and they do not represent the values that we have as criminal prosecutors in Contra Costa County, "said Aron Deferrari, the President of the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Association.

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Peterson told ABC 7 News yesterday he has no comment about the Grand Jury's decision.

He has apologized for spending the money on himself and has reimbursed the funds. But the deputy DA's who met Friday morning don't think that's enough.

They say his name is on every piece of paper that leaves their office and call that demoralizing.

There are less than 90 Deputy District Attorney's in Contra Costa County and they expect for them to vote on this within the next ten days. null
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