Sheriff's deputies help recover goods stolen from Cupertino Verizon store

CUPERTINO, Calif. (KGO) -- Employees at a Verizon store in Cupertino are grateful for two alert Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies who helped recover thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods.

The robbery happened Monday when the bold burglars went in through the roof to break into the store.

"Cutting a hole in the roof, and then dropping down, and then using power tools to break into an inventory room," Santa Clara County Sheriff's Sergeant Rich Glennon said.

The two men found a way to disable the alarm, the surveillance camera, and the I.T. wiring before making off with 189 devices worth close to $140,000.

"Definitely some prior knowledge and planning, and that'll definitely be a part of the investigation to look at their history, and see where they came from," Glennon said.

But they didn't get far. Sheriff's deputies found them pulled off to the side of the road in san jose just ten minutes away from the site of the burglary with apple devices all over their back seat.

A picture from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office shows all of the items recovered.

Tan Van Nguyen, 40, of San Jose was being held at the county jail.

Deputies are not sharing a photo of the other suspect, Marc Tran, 38, of American Canyon because he has already bailed out.

Neighbors nearby were surprised by the burglary.

"It's a little bit of a realization that it doesn't where you live, or where you're at, anything can happen, there's crazy people out there that are willing to go into depths, lengths to get what they want," Cupertino resident John Solorzano said.
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