Elderly evacuated from San Francisco residence after artillery shells found

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's safe to say that at Jones and Eddy in San Francisco, the Old Hotel Herald, and its inhabitants, have seen better days.

Especially after the scare that its 85 most disabled and non-English speaking residents endured early Tuesday afternoon.

"Oh it's very difficult," said Tony Landrum, who, with San Francisco police and fire officers evacuated some seven floors of people -- all because of two artillery shells that a caretaker of an elderly veteran found in an apartment.

He put them in his car and drove them to the police station.

"He left them in his vehicle, went to the station, and had rounds in his car seat in front," said Lt. Gaetano Catagirone of the San Francisco police.

Police responded by following protocol. They blocked the street and began evacuating buildings.

Residents had no time to grab anything, nor did they know why. "Well it is across the street from a police station, so anything is likely," said hotel resident Michael Nu.

Slowly, patiently, police and fire officials helped their elderly charges up the street, up and back, up and back.

"They were great," Nu said. "They were wonderful."

By the time police had everyone clear, the bomb squad arrived and took the artillery shells away. We still don't know if they were live. But police say that if you find something similar, leave it alone.They will come to you.

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