Man wrestles gun away from San Francisco home invasion suspect

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco police are trying to identify an armed robber who attacked a resident in the Sunset District last Monday morning. The victim was able to wrestle the gun away and turned the tables on his attacker.

In YouTube released by the San Francisco Police Department, Bill Oxidean is seen being attacked inside his own garage by a man in a grey hoodie.

"He came at me with the gun, the gun was out, the gun was full force," said Oxidean.

The video is shocking: you can see Oxidean and his attacker wrestling, it's a struggle that goes on for several minutes.

"If you can see, I'm reaching for the gun, immediately, the first thing I wanted is control of the weapon," said Oxidean.

In the end, he was able to pry the gun out of the attacker's hands. Oxidean sprinted out of his garage and even aimed the gun, but couldn't shoot.

"I wanted to get a safe distance, and I drew down on him and the weapon was jammed unfortunately," said Oxidean.

A police spokesman said there was also no clip in the gun. Neighbors say there have been several garage burglaries the area over the last few weeks. But they tell ABC7 News it's usually homeless people seeking shelter, or stealing bicycles.

After watching the video, one group of residents said the attacker doesn't look like any of the transients they've come across.

"He does not look homeless. That guys looks like he might have known who he was and he brings a gun on him, and he's fighting him. If I had a gun pulled on me, I don't know if I would go straight to fighting him," said Paul Wisecarver, neighbor.

Oxidean said the whole ordeal is still a shock, he remembers being terrified during the fight.

"This could be the day that I die. I could be done. I'm just like, oh my God, I felt so alone," said Oxidean.

But he was determined not to let his attacker keep that gun.

No suspect description was immediately available, but police said he had dread locks.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the San Francisco Police Department's anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444.
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