Milpitas man accused of jumping White House fence in custody

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A Milpitas man accused of jumping the White House fence while carrying two cans of Mace is in custody and expected back in court Monday.

Agents say Jonathan Tran, 26, jumped the fence near the Treasury Building Friday night and headed to the South Portico entrance.

Secret service officers say he was carrying a backpack with a letter inside for the president. "That's crazy because usually you don't see that around here," Shaunda Rodriguez said.

Tran is a San Jose State University graduate. "I just saw him a couple days ago, he was just driving in his car," John Prasad said.

It's not clear how Tran made it to Washington D.C., but investigators say he scaled a 6-foot tall fence with a backpack on.

Court documents reveal he came just yards from the east wing and President Trump was inside.

When an agent questioned the intruder, he said he was Trump's friend and had an appointment. "I just hope he gets help too and is safe," Rodriguez said.

At a Saturday lunch, the president thanked the Secret Service. "The Secret Service did a fantastic job. It was a troubled person," Trump said.

Court records revealed that along with two cans of Mace, he had a letter for Trump that mentioned Russian hackers.

It's the first breach during the Trump administration, but on Thanksgiving Day in 2015 a flag-wearing intruder scaled the fence.

And in 2014, a man carrying a knife made it inside the White House before he was arrested.

Tran is charged with entering restricted grounds while carrying a dangerous weapon. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.
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