Mission residents voice concern, support for temporary homeless shelter

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Hundreds lined up to voice concerns or support for a temporary homeless shelter in San Francisco's Mission District.

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The navigation centers will house more than 100 people before the empty building is developed.

San Francisco supervisor Hillary Ronen (District 9) tried to calm fears surrounding a proposed navigation center at 26th Street and Van Ness Avenue. She's made a deal with the owner of an empty building to create a temporary homeless shelter.

"Lennar isn't able to get their building permits for about six to nine months, stop during that time they're donating the space for the city to use," said Ronen.

The center could house more than 100 people currently living on the streets in the Mission.

"I know that we need to get these people in homes I know we need to do this, but adding 120 people to the area is not the right solution," said Mission resident Stephanie. "And also they're going to end it with no exit plan. That's another big issue."
Others want the shelter to open sooner.

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"Every single day that we delay, folks who are living on the streets are still out on the streets and aren't getting the services they need and neighbors still have to deal with these tent encampments," said Mission resident Tom Temerano.

Ronen says the city has 1,500 temporary shelter beds and some 7,000 people living on the streets.

"They want a place to live, but they make it so difficult in the city here now for us to find affordable housing," said Mission resident LaLa.

Ronen will hold a second community meeting since Monday's was over capacity.

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