Neighbors describe Napa officer-involved shooting

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- What started as an argument between neighbors ended with one person being shot and killed by police in Napa Tuesday.

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The incident happened Tuesday afternoon on Linda Vista Avenue. The major crimes task force has been called out to help.

Red and blue lights continue to keep neighbors away while deputies, police, the district attorney, and the department of justice piece together what happened.

What they do know is the driver of a silver sedan was firing his gun even before police arrived.

"The officers set up in the area and as they set up, the subject backed out of the driveway or the garage and as he was leaving the area in his car, he began to shoot at the police officers," said Napa Police Chief Steve Potter.

They fired back.

"We heard a bunch of gunfire and it sounded like it was two shots that came from different firearms," said witness Ruben Partida. "And all of the sudden we heard bap bap bap bap bap."

The man crashed into a tree. Don Lynn thinks the one behind the wheel was his neighbor. He described him as a kind man who is retired and likes to garden.

"It's supposed to be a quiet neighborhood where things like this don't happen," said Lynn.

But as events unfolded Tuesday afternoon, police took quick action. They locked down a nearby elementary school and told residents to shelter in place.

"The police officer stopped us and said, you know, 'lock the doors don't come back,'" said resident Brittani Hamilton. "We drove to the school and when we pulled up to the school, we probably heard heard 15 shots, like right in a row -- a ton of shots."

A few officers suffered minor injuries from shrapnel and broken glass.
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