Richmond police see increase in teen gang shootings

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There has been a series of gang violence involving teenagers in Richmond.

Police in Richmond say there has been an escalation of gang-related violence recently. In the past week, six teenagers have been shot. One of them, 16-year-old Rodney Frazier died. Most of the victims attend Richmond High School.

Tuesday night, Richmond's Iron Triangle was the scene of a shooting where three teenagers were injured. All of them are Hispanic.

On Friday night, Frazier, was shot and killed 10 blocks away.

Thirty minutes later, 29-year-old Charles Jackson was killed in a drive-by shooting.

It didn't end there. A 21-year-old and a 15-year-old were also shot Saturday.

"The shootings involving the Hispanic juveniles Tuesday night and then some of the other shootings later this week, we feel involve Nortenos and Surenos gang violence," said Richmond Police Captain Mark Gagan.

Police also say some of the others were victims of a feud between African American rival gangs concentrated in North Richmond and Deep C in Central Richmond.

Four of the teens shot attend Richmond High.

"It's sad when a 16-year-old can't go out and play," said teacher Juan Ledesma.

Ledesma recently moved to Richmond from Salinas where gang violence is not uncommon.

"The district and administrators are doing a lot of good things just based on the emails inviting teachers to attend grief counseling and students," said Ledesma.

School was out Monday and Tuesday, but students at soccer practice were told about counseling which will take place on Wednesday when they return.

"We got a crisis team coming out tomorrow morning to work with students and staff, and will be here all day to have a conversation and listen and hear the raw emotions that kids will be spilling out," said school board member Charles Ramsey .

Until recently, Richmond had been successfully reducing gun violence.

"I do know we have extra officers working the streets, many of these shooting are happening at night, so where and when they are occuring, we have bolstered our presence," said Captain Gagan.

Faith-based organizations are once again being asked to take an active role to help stop the violence here.
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